About Us


Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, Inc. is located at 116 Sunset Inn Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848.  


The company was initially launched in 1979 as “Interstate Laboratory” by the company’s founders, John Wintermute and Josiah Wintermute, and on September 3, 1981 the company was incorporated as Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, Inc.

With prior experience in the areas of high-performance lubricants (oils and greases) testing and specialty pharmaceutical manufacturing, the brothers applied their combined knowledge and abilities to the physical and chemical testing of high-performance specialty lubricants.

Using only their private assets, with no government backed loans or outside investors, the brothers recognized the path to success lay in using their own hard work and skills to build the company from the ground up.

After initially leasing industrial space to get started, a five acre industrial lot in Lafayette was purchased and construction began. Acting as their own “construction company”, the laboratory was built as a fully climate controlled environment ideally suited to the company’s needs.

Although this hands-on approach may have been more labor intensive and time consuming, it provided intimate detail over the laboratory design as well as cost saving benefits which could then be devoted to additional testing equipment and expansion of testing capabilities and personnel.


Our scope of testing has broadened to include a wide variety of commercial, specialty, and industrial petroleum products. As the company continues to grow and business expands, talented employees with the same exacting high standards of performance have been added to our staff.

Currently, with a staff of fifteen employees, the company now offers a wide range of testing services and a quality of performance that is unparalleled in the lubricants testing field.