SAE ARP 598B: Particle Count

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SAE ARP 598B   The Determination of Particulate Contamination in Liquids by the Particle Count Method

Particles in lubrication fluids may clog filters, slow down lubricant flow and erode system components.  This is a microscopic method to determine the number of particles in a liquid lubricant sample. 

The sample is well mixed and filtered as per the method.  The filter paper is examined under a microscope.  The number of particles per 100 ml is determined and reported in five size categories:  (5 µ to 15 µ, 16 µ to 25 µ, 26 µ to 50 µ, 51µ to 100 µ and over 100 µ). 

Note:  We recommend choosing an automatic optical particle counting method (ISO 4406, ASTM D6786, FTM 3012, SAE 749,) over microscopic examination methods such as this one.  The automatic methods tend to be quicker and more accurate. Microscopic methods should accompany automatic optical methods in cases where unexpected high particle counts are obtained to help identify the type of contamination, such as the presence of fibers or flocculation of additives.


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Sample size: 200 ml

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