PLTL-84: Oil Separation, Pressure Cylinder US Steel Method

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PLTL 84 – Pressure Oil Separation Test

Centralized automatic grease lubrication systems use high pressure to pump grease to the needed locations. These systems, which offer high reliability and low maintenance costs, require a grease that can withstand high pressures and frequent agitation.  This test evaluates the ability of a worked grease to resist caking and stay homogenous when placed under high pressure.    

The grease is worked for 60 strokes and the penetration value is determined (see ASTM D217).  The grease is placed into a specially designed test apparatus and the apparatus is assembled and pressurized with nitrogen.  Oil that separates from grease during the test is caught in a drip pan and weighed at the conclusion of the test.  A penetration value is determined of the grease at the conclusion of the test.  Reported is the grams of oil separated from the grease and the percent change in penetration value.


Price: $273.00

Sample size: 100 g

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