PLTL-44: Evaporation Bleed MIL-S-8660 SAE-AS 8660 FTM 321

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PLTL-44 Evaporation and Bleeding, SAE-AS 8660 (Formerly Mil-S-8660C)

During normal usage silicone grease lubricants may be exposed to elevated temperatures.  This test determines evaporation and bleed (oil separation) of silicone compounds exposed to elevated temperatures as required for SAE-AS-8660.

 A carefully weighed sample of the silicone compound is placed in a wire cone and suspended within a beaker. The assembly is heated for the test time required.  The assembly is cooled and re-weighed. The evaporation loss from the assembly and the oil bleeding collected in the beaker from the cone are determined and reported.


Price: $148.00

Sample size: 50 g

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