PLTL-42: Corrosive Effects-Non-Metals SAE-AS 8660 ¶

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PLTL-42 Corrosive Effects of Non-Metals, SAE AS8660 (Formerly Mil-S-8660C)

Elastomers, plastics and rubber compounds in the electrical systems may be exposed to silicone lubricants.   This test is intended to ensure that the silicone lubricant does not weaken or change these non-metal compounds as specified by SAE AS8660.

A series of non-metal coupons are coated with the test grease and heated for the test time at the test temperature.  The compounds are cleaned and examined for changes in hardness and appearance.  This may include cracking, spalling, warping or smearing of the specimens. If no changes are observed, a “pass” is reported, otherwise a fail is reported and observations of those failing properties are stated.

Price: $166.00

Sample size: 250 g

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