PLTL-21: Total Insolubles: FTM 3710 ¶6.9 note 2 (SAE AMS-M-7866)

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PLTL-21 Total Insolubles per FED-STD-791 method 3710 (per SAE-AMS-M-7866)

Insoluble matter in molybdenum disulfide powder, particularly abrasive matter may alter lubricating properties.  This method determines the amount of insoluble matter in MoS2 powders.   

The oil-free, moisture-free sample from PLTL-20 is put through a series of extractions and washings resulting in the insoluble residue on a filter paper.  The filter paper is placed in a crucible, carefully burned, muffled, cooled and weighed.  The muffle – cool – weigh sequence is repeated until a constant weight is obtained.  The total percent of insoluble matter is calculated and reported.

Price: $163.00

Sample size: 50 g

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