PLTL-19: Water Solubles SAE AMS-M-7866

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PLTL-19 Water Solubles per SAE AMS-M-7866

Molybdenum disulfide is a water-insoluble, mined product with excellent lubricity.  Water-soluble contaminants may change the properties and stability of lubricants formulated with MoS2.   This test determines the quantity of water-soluble contaminants in MoS2 samples.

A carefully weighed sample is placed in a Soxhlet thimble and extracted with water.  The thimble is dried, again carefully weighed and the percent of water-soluble compounds is determined.  A pass is reported if less than 0.5% of water-soluble material is present in the sample.  (Note: This dried and cleaned sample in the thimble is retained for use in PLTL-20 if required.)

Price: $142.00

Sample size: 50 g

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