PLTL-07: Low Temp Flexibility MIL-PRF-18458

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PLTL-07 Low Temperature Flexibility as per MIL-PRF-18458

Hoists, dredges, winches and similar equipment use chains and wires to raise and lower heavy objects.  To operate them safely requires a lubricating grease that remains flexible with changes in temperature.  This test determines the ability of a grease coating to maintain flexibility when stored at low temperature.

A thin, flexible brass strip is coated with the test grease and chilled to the test temperature. When thoroughly cold, it is bent and wrapped around a cold mandrel of a specified size. The grease coating on the brass strip is examined. If the grease coating does not crack or dislodge during the flexing process, a pass is reported.


Price: $104.00

Sample size: 100 g

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