PLTL-06: Adhesiveness MIL-PRF-18458

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PLTL-06 Adhesiveness per MIL-PRF-18458C

Hoists and winches use chains and wires to raise and lower heavy objects.  These chains, wires and connecting parts must be properly lubricated for the machinery to work correctly and safely.  This test determines the ability of a lubricant to stay adhered to the metal components as specified in MIL-PRF-18458.

A steel dish is filled with a thin layer of test grease. This dish is attached to a shaft and brought to the test temperature.  After an equilibration time, the dish is spun  as specified in the method to determine if the grease has adequate adhesiveness to prevent being thrown from the spinning dish. The percent grease remaining on the dish is reported.


Price: $104.00

Sample size: 100 g

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