JIS K 2220.18: Low Temperature Torque

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JIS K 2220 18 Low Temperature Torque

Ball bearings are packed with lubricating grease to limit noise, extend bearing life and decrease torque.  Torque is the force required to turn a bearing – bearings operated at low temperatures usually require both a higher starting torque and a higher running torque than bearings operated at higher temperatures.  This test determines the starting and running torque of open ball bearings at very low temperatures (-20°C).

Using the custom apparatus specified in the method, a ball bearing is filled with grease, chilled to the test temperature and given time to equilibrate.  The inner ring is rotated at one revolution per minute and the resulting force on the outer ring is measured.  Reported are the starting torque, the torque at ten minutes running time and the torque at one hour running time.


Price: $204.00

Sample size: 10 g

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