FTM-7501: Low Temperature Torque @ -54°C., 2 spindles only

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FTM 7501 (FED-STD-791 Method 7501) Low Temperature Torque Test Method for Lubricating Greases

Torque, the force required for rotational motion, usually increases as temperature decreases.  Grease is applied to tapered roller bearings (typically used in high load applications) to provide a low torque for a smooth motion and low energy consumption.  This test measures the torque needed to start a roller bearing moving (breakaway torque) and the torque required to sustain the motion (running torque). 

Using the apparatus as per the method, two bearings are packed with worked sample grease, placed in the spindle assembly and brought to the test temperature (-54°C).  The spindle is then rotated as per the method (1 rpm for 5 minutes) and the breakaway and running torques are determined and reported.          

Price: $519.00

Sample size: 50 g

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