FTM-5329: Humidity Cabinet Test @ 400 hours

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FTM-5329 Rust Protection by Metal Preservatives in the Humidity Cabinet

This method provides a means for measuring the relative performance of an oil to prevent rusting of steel under conditions of high humidity.  Various specifications typically call for multiples of either sandblasted or polished (240 grit aluminum oxide) test panels.  After surface preparation and cleaning the panels are dipped in the oil sample, then drained for 2 hours before placing them in the test chamber maintained at 120°F for the specified exposure time. A pass is reported if the test surface contains no more than three dots of rust, none of wihch is larger than 1 mm in diameter.  A fail is reported if the test surface contains one or more dots of rust larger than 1mm in diameter or if it contains four or more dots of any size.

A written description of the relative degree of rusting at various exposure times can be provided.  Digital color photos can also be provided (e-mail or snail mail) at additional cost

Price: $521.00

Sample size: 500 ml

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