FTM-3462: Panel Coker Test – Select time, temp and atmosphere

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FTM 791 Method 3462 Coking Tendency of Oil

Lubricating oils distributed by splashing and other spray type systems may come in contact with surfaces hotter than the oil’s typical temperature stability limitations.  If the oil forms varnish or coke on the metal surface, it may eventually build up a difficult-to-remove coating, potentially clogging pipes, impeding engine performance or contaminating oil.  This test determines the coking tendency of an oil by splashing it onto hot metal surfaces at high temperatures.

An aluminum panel is polished, placed in the panel coker apparatus where it is heated and repeatedly splashed with the test oil.  After a specified time period, the amount of varnish and coke deposited on the panel is determined and reported.  The typical test is run at 600°C for 8 hours on an aluminum panel. This test can be modified to include other times and temperatures as well as modified atmospheres, measurement of oil consumption, cyclic testing, acid number, viscosity, sediment weight, and more. Please let us know if you would to add any of these options.

Price: $331.00

Sample size: 1000 ml

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