DIN 51817: Oil Separation @ 168 hrs.

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DIN 51817 Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease Under Static Conditions

Lubricating grease should be a homogenous mixture of oil with a thickener. If a significant amount of oil separates from the thickener during storage, it may change the end use characteristics of the grease. This is an accelerated test to predict the amount of oil that will separate during storage at room temperature. It includes placing a weight on the grease to mimic pressure exerted on grease in a storage drum.

The sample is placed in a pre-weighed wire mesh cone. The cone plus sample is weighed and placed in a custom test apparatus, a weight is placed over the grease and the sample is heated (40°C) for the test time. The amount of oil that separates is determined and reported as the percent oil lost from the grease. Please specify the test time. Standard times are 168 hours (standard test) or 18 hours (accelerated test).


Price: $208.00

Sample size: 100 g

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