ASTM D6334: Sulfur in Gasoline by WDXRF (X-Ray)

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ASTM D6334 Sulfur in Gasoline by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence

Crude oil naturally contains sulfur, some of which is removed during processing.  In gasolines and diesel fuels, remaining sulfur may limit the effectiveness of emission control systems and pollute the environment.  Sulfur may also cause metal corrosion, and degradation of additives.   Traditional methods of sulfur determinations involve high pressure decomposition of the sample followed by extensive chemical processing and a gravimetric determination.  This method rapidly and accurately determines the amount of sulfur present in petroleum products using x-ray fluorescence. 

The sample is prepared for X-ray analysis, the sulfur concentration is determined and reported in ppm by weight.


Price: $97.00

Sample size: 50ml

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