ASTM D4739: Base Number Total, by Hydrochloric Acid Method

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ASTM D4739 Base Number Determination by Potentiometric Hydrochloric Acid Titration

Some additives in lubricating oils are basic, and absorb acids that form due to oxidation. The level of basic components is indicated by base number – a high base number indicates a high level of basic components, a low number indicates a low level. This test determines base number. In service oils it may predict the oil's ability to absorb acids as they are produced; changes in base number may indicate additive depletion.

The sample is accurately weighed into the titration vessel, solvent is added and the electrodes are immersed. The sample is titrated with alcoholic potassium hydroxide, and meter readings recorded, plotted and the endpoint is determined. The base number is reported in mg KOH per gram of sample.

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Price: $97.00

Sample size: 20 g

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