ASTM D4693: Low Temperature Torque of Wheel Bearing Greases

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ASTM D4693 Low Temperature Torque of Grease Lubricated Wheel Bearings

The torque resulting from grease lubricated tapered roller bearings rotating at one rpm is measured.  The test uses an automotive type front wheel hub and spindle assembly.  The assembly is cold soaked for 5 hours at -40°C.  The torque is measured for 60 seconds of running time.  The torque maximum at the beginning of the run and the stable torque after 60 seconds are reported.  A graphic representation of the run is presented to visually compare data between samples.  Values less than 15 N-m torque are considered adequately mobile for wheel bearing applications.  Test temperatures from -20°C to -55°C can also be accommodated.

Price: $345.00

Sample size: 25 g

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