ASTM D3703: Peroxide Number of Aviation Fuels

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ASTM D3703 – Hydroperoxide Number of Aviation Turbine Fuels, Gasoline and Diesel Fuels

Fuel systems often have elastomer-containing components such as hoses and o-rings, which may be weakened if hydroperoxides are present in the fuel, potentially leading to leaks and decreased system efficiency. Hydroperoxides may also accelerate fuel breakdown. This test determines the hydroperoxide number of fuels, including gasolines, diesel fuels and aviation turbine fuels.

The sample is weighed into the flask. Solvent, acetic acid and potassium iodide are added and given time to react with hydroperoxides in the sample. The mixture is titrated to a colored endpoint. The blank is corrected for, and the hydroperoxide number is reported in mg hydroperoxide per kg of sample.

Price: $264.00

Sample size: 20 g

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