ASTM D3430: Clarity and Yellowness by Colorimeter

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ASTM D3430 Clarity and Yellowness of Liquid Water Based Clear Floor Polishes

Water based lubricants such as those used in metal working and drilling fluids will often have a characteristic color and clarity.   Any change may indicate the presence of contaminants or degradation of the oil.  This test determines the color of water-based mixtures. 

Using a colorimeter, the absorbance of the sample is read at 500nm to determine the turbidity of the sample, and at 400nm to determine the uncorrected yellowness of the sample.  The values are corrected using a calibration graph and the corrected absorbance values are reported.

Related tests offered by Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories: Petro-Lubricant Testing Labs offers several types of tests to determine the color of lubricating fluids. When differentiating between shades in clear pale yellow solutions, consider the APHA (platinum-cobalt) scale (ASTM D1209, ASTM D4890 or ISO 2211).  When differentiating between shades ranging from pale to dark yellow, including green-yellows, red-yellows or murky mixtures consider the Gardner Scale (ASTM D4890) or colorimeter values (ASTM D3430).  When differentiating between colors ranging from deep red to pale yellow, consider the ASTM Color Scale (ASTM D1500). 

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Sample size: 100 ml

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