ASTM D3233: Falex Pin & V Block Procedure A or B

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ASTM D3233 Measurement of Extreme Pressure Properties of Fluid Lubricants (Falex Pin and Vee Block Methods)

This test measures the load carrying ability of an oil.  The tribological aspects are low speed, line contact, steel on steel (this can be altered), sliding motion.  A 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) diameter test journal or pin is rotated at 290 rpm between two Vee Blocks immersed in the oil preheated to 120°F (51.7°C).

Procedure A employs a constant increase in load applied by an automatic ratchet until failure as indicated by seizure of the test coupon or rapid loss of load caused by excessive wear. 

Procedure B employs load increments of 250 lbs with running for 1 minute at each increment until failure. 

The standard test pin is AISI 3135 Steel, HRB 87 and the standard Vee Blocks are AISI C-1137 Steel, HRC 20 to 24. 

Test coupons of different metals and alloys are available at additional expense.

Price: $171.00

Sample size: 150 ml

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