ASTM D3065: Flammability of Aerosol – Closed Drum Test

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ASTM D3065 Flammability of Aerosol Products

The flammability of an aerosol may indicate safety where an open flame is present and is often required for package labeling.   This test determines aerosol flammability using two methods:   Flame Projection Test and Closed Drum Test.  The flame projection test indicates the flammability of an aerosol when positioned near an open flame.  The closed drum test indicates the likelihood of  the aerosol material in a confined space to accumulate sufficiently to become ignitable. Former versions of this method also included a Tag Open Cup Flash Point, which is now covered in ASTM D1310.

For the flame projection test, the sample is sprayed a standard distance from a flame source.  The distance that the ignited spray travels from the sample is measured and reported.  For the Closed Drum Test a flame acts as the ignition source inside a horizontal 55 gallon drum.  The aerosol is sprayed into the drum until the vapors ignite, until the aerosol can is expended, or for 60 seconds, whichever happens first.  The time it takes for the vapors to ignite is reported.  

Price: $220.00

Sample size: 3 cans

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