ASTM D2989: Acidity-Alkalinity of Halogenated Solvents/Mixtures

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ASTM D2989 Acidity -Alkalinity of Halogenated Organic Solvents

Halogenated organic liquids are used in many industrial processes as solvents and/or reactants. To stabilize them during transport and storage  weak acids are added as preservatives, which may result in a slightly acidic solvent. Over time the levels of these preservatives may decrease and no longer protect the solvent from degradation. This test determines the acidity or basicity of halogenated solvents. It may be used both as a quality control tool for new solvents and to determine the condition of solvents in-service. There are three options for this test. Procedures A and B may be used when water-soluble pH materials are to be analyzed, procedure C analyzes the material without a water extraction.

Procedure A and Procedure B both begin with adding water to the solvent, shaking the mixture well, removing the aqueous layer and titrating it with sodium hydroxide. In Procedure A the titration is monitored with a pH meter until a neutral pH is achieved. In Procedure B, a color (bromothymol blue) endpoint is achieved. For Procedure C, the sample is titrated to a bromothymol blue endpoint with no water extraction. Please select procedure A, B or C when requesting this test.

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Sample size: 200 ml

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