ASTM D2711: Demulsibility Characteristics Procedure A or B

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ASTM D2711 Demulsibility Characteristics of Lubricating Oils

This test measures the ability of oil and water to separate. Procedure A is for oils which do not contain extreme pressure (EP) additives uses 405 ml of oil and 45 ml of water with a stirrer speed of 4500 rpm.

Procedure B is for oils which contain EP additives uses 360 ml of oil and 90 ml of water with a stirrer speed of 2500 rpm.

In both procedures the oil and water are stirred for 5 minutes at 82°C, followed by 5 hours of settling after which oil in water, free water, and emulsion are determined and reported in ml.

This method is intended for testing medium to high velocity oils.  ASTM D1401 is a completely different method to measure 'water separatibility' Mixing is less vigorous and oils of various viscosities and types can be tested.


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