ASTM D2624: Electrical Conductivity of Aviation Distillate Fuels (0 to 200,000 pS/m)

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ASTM D2624 Electrical Conductivity of Aviation and Distillate Fuels

Electrical conductivity is an important consideration in aviation fuels. If the conductivity is too low, dangerous static charge may build up during high speed pumping operations, potentially leading to explosive conditions.  If the conductivity is too high, it may indicate fuel contamination.  This test, while intended for aviation fuels may also determine the electrical conductivity of lubricating oils. We have instruments to measure from 0 to 200,000pS/m.

;A calibrated meter is used to measure the electrical conductivity of the sample.  Reported is the conductivity value in picosiemens per meter.  Please specify temperature.

Price: $144.00

Sample size: 500 ml

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