ASTM D2155: Autoignition Temperature

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ASTM D2155 Autoignition Temperature of Liquid Chemicals

When heated, some materials can form vapors that react with atmospheric oxygen to spontaneously combust or autoignite – no ignition source is needed.  The lowest temperature at which this happens is the autoignition temperature (AIT). This test measures AITs up to 600ºC. There is a delay time between the sample reaching the AIT and combustion occurring. This is also determined in this test. A flask is heated to the test temperature. A small quantity of sample is injected into the flask and observed to see if ignition occurs. If it does not, the flask is cleaned and the process is repeated at a higher temperature.

When autoignition is observed, the temperature,  delay time and barometric pressure are reported.

ASTM E659 is a more modern method for determining autoignition temperatures.  It uses a diffiernt apparatus but gives similar results.

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Sample size: 5 ml

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