ASTM D1903: Thermal Coefficient of Expansion

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ASTM D1903 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Electrical Insulating Liquids of Petroleum Origin and Askarels 

Electrical insulating fluids protect transformers, oil circuit breakers and other electrical equipment from electrical discharges and heat.  These fluids may be of petroleum origin, or non-flammable synthetics (askarels).  When using these fluids, allowances for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes need to be considered.  This test determines the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion which provides a measure of fluid volume variations that occur with temperature changes.

The specific gravity (relative density) of the sample is determined by any appropriate method for the sample at hand, at two appropriate test temperatures. The coefficient of thermal expansion within this temperature range is calculated and reported.


Price: $231.00

Sample size: 500ml

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