ASTM D1742: Oil Separation, Storage, of Greases @ 96 hours

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ASTM D1742 Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease During Storage

During storage, oil may separate from lubricating grease, possibly changing grease properties.  This test measures the oil separation under static (storage) conditions.  It may be used to predict separation of oil from grease in containers stored at “room” temperature.  It is not intended for use with greases softer than NLGI #1. 

The grease is weighed and placed upon a fine sieve screen in a Pressure Bleeding Test Cell.  The test cell is brought to the test temperature (77°F (25°C)) and pressurized with air (0.25 psi, 1.7KPa) for 24 hours.  Oil that separates is collected in a cup below the sieve and weighed.  The percent of oil separated from the grease is calculated and reported.

This test may be modified to run at elevated test temperatures and extended test times. Please let us know if you require a different time or temperature.

               Related tests:  Petro-Lubricant Testing Labs offer several tests relating to oil separation.  Static bleed refers to the separation of oil from grease during storage.    Dynamic bleed is separation that results from movement of the grease, typically during use.  Some bleed is necessary for the grease to function properly, but excessive bleed will compromise the effectiveness and life of the grease.  Dynamic bleed may be increased by elevated temperatures, contamination, vibration, centrifugal forces and usage conditions.

For separation under static conditions:  For accelerated tests to predict room temperature separation, consider PLTL-163 (semi-fluids), DIN 51817 (lubricating grease) and APR RP 5A3-E (thread compounds), PLTL-182 (Bulk greases), IP 121 (lubricating grease).  For elevated temperature storage separation consider ASTM D6184 (lubricating grease), FTM 321.3 (lubricating grease), AAR M-914 paragraph 2.4 (brake cylinder grease), GM 9030P, PLTL-135, IEC-811 (filling compounds)

For separation under dynamic conditions:  ASTM D4425 (high centrifugal forces), PLTL-84 (high pressures in centralized grease-pumping systems)

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Sample size: 300 g

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