ASTM D1722: Water Miscibility of Water-Soluble Solvents

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ASTM D1722 – Water Miscibility of Water Soluble Solvents

Water miscible solvents such as acetone, ethanol and isopropanol may contain water immiscible impurities including solid particles, high molecular weight compounds, odor producing chemicals and insoluble solvents.    These impurities may interfere with end-use applications.   This test determines the presence of water immiscible substances in water miscible solvents.  It may be used to assess if a solvent is appropriate for a given application or determine specification adherence. 
The sample is placed in a graduated cylinder, diluted with distilled water and allowed to sit at room temperature for the test time.  If the sample is more cloudy than distilled water a “fail” is reported, otherwise a “pass” is reported.


Price: $46.00

Sample size: 100 ml

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