ASTM D1263: Wheel Bearing Leakage of Greases

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ASTM D1263 – Leakage Tendencies of Automotive Wheel Bearing Greases

Automobile wheel bearings are exposed to high speeds, high loads and high temperatures. To extend bearing life, and to avoid unexpected bearing failure, the grease protecting these wheel bearings needs to resist slumping, separating and softening.  This test quantitatively determines bearing leakage and qualitatively reports observations of the grease appearance at the end of the test.

A specified quantity of test grease is applied to tapered roller bearings, and the bearings are put into a wheel hub spindle assembly. The torque, temperature and revolutions per minute are adjusted and the bearing is spun for the time specified in the test. Reported are the weight of grease lost and any visual observations of varnish, gum or lacquer-like material that has formed.

This test is considered obsolete by ASTM. It has been replaced by ASTM D4290 which exposes the grease to harsher conditions.

Note: This test is still offered by Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories as a service to our clients.


Price: $204.00

Sample size: 200 g

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