ASTM D1169: Volume Resistivity – Specific Resistance of Electrical Insulting Liquids above 25°C

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ASTM D1169 Specific Resistance (Resistivity) of Electrical Insulating Liquids

Electrical equipment such as transformers generate high voltages during routine use.  The components in these systems are protected from electrical damage by insulating fluids with high electrical resistances.  This test determines the resistance in a standard sample volume – the volume resistivity.  

The volume resistivity is determined using both normal and reverse polarities.  The average is calculated and reported in ohm-cm.  We run this test at 25oC and 500 volts.  At your request, we can use temperatures up to 100oC  – please contact us for temperatures below 25oC.   The voltage can also be adjusted to meet your needs.


Price: $440.00

Sample size: 50ml

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