ASTM D1093: Acidity of Water Layer and distillation residues

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ASTM D1093 – Acidity of Hydrocarbon Liquids and Their Distillation Residues

Oil refining involves a series distillations that separate petroleum into fractions based on boiling point.  After the highest boiling fraction is removed, a residue remains that may be further processed to make asphalt, petroleum waxes and other materials.  The acidity or basicity of the residue helps determine further processing steps.  Likewise the acidity or basicity of the initial hydrocarbon mixture may be important for processing considerations.  This test determines the acidity or basicity of hydrocarbon liquids and their distillation residues. 

Water is added to the sample, the mixture is vigorously shaken, centrifuged and the layers are separated.  If the acidity is to be determined, methyl orange indicator is added.  If the resulting solution is pink or red solution it is reported as “acidic”.  If basicity is to be determined, phenolphthalein is added and if the resulting solution is pink or red, the material is reported as “basic”.  To determine the acidity or basicity of the distillation residue, the hydrocarbon is distilled according to ASTM D86 or ASTM D1078, water is added to the resulting residue, and the mixture is shaken, centrifuged, analyzed as above and reported as “acidic” or “basic”.


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