ASTM D942: Pressure Vessel Oxidation @ 500 hrs-one vessel for screening

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ASTM D-942 Oxidative Stability of lubricating Grease by the Oxygen Pressure Vessel Method

In producing a product that customers can depend upon, every batch must meet the same high standards.  Customers want to be able to depend on batch-to-batch consistency.  This test is intended as a quality control tool to insure that the level of antioxidants in a grease is adequate from one batch to the next.   

A specified mass of grease is placed in the pressure vessel.  The vessel is pressurized with oxygen and heated to the test temperature.  The pressure drop caused by oxygen uptake      during the test is measured and reported in psi or kPa.

This test normally runs for 100 hours and/or 500 hours.  Other times and temperatures are available by request.


Price: $200.00

Sample size: 50g

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