ASTM D874: Sulfated Ash

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ASTM D874 Sulfated Ash from Lubricating Oils and Additives

Many lubricating oils contain metallic additives including zinc anti-wear compounds and magnesium detergents.  The proper level of these additives is important for the lubricant to work properly.  This method determines the concentration of metals (non-lead) in fully formulated lubricating oils and additive concentrates.  It may be used as a quality control tool in new oils or as an indicator of additive depletion in used oils. 

The sample is placed in a clean, dry crucible, heated and ignited to remove carbonaceous compounds.  Sulfuric acid is added and the residue is heated to allow the sulfating reaction to occur.  The crucible is ignited in a muffle furnace, cooled and weighed.  The sulfuric acid/heat/muffle sequence is repeated until a constant weight is obtained. The percent sulfated ash is reported.


Price: $167.00

Sample size: 50 g

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