ASTM D87: Melting Point of Waxes

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ASTM D87 – Melting Point of Petroleum Wax (Cooling Curve)

Petroleum waxes are usually solids at room temperature, insoluble in water, thermoplastic and relatively inexpensive.  This makes them attractive for use in a wide array of applications including glide coatings for snowboards and other sliding equipment, release agents for molds, anti-corrosion additives for lubricants, anti-settling agents for fuel oils and paints, water-resistance additives for chain lubricants, and numerous other applications.  Choosing the proper grade and type of petroleum wax for a given application requires many considerations one of which is the melting point.  This test determines the melting point of petroleum waxes. 

The wax is heated until molten.  The temperature is then recorded as the wax slowly cools and solidifies. Reported is the temperature vs time graph and the melting point of the wax. 


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Sample size: 5 g

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