ASTM D665: Rust Preventative Procedure A w/Distilled Water, 4 or 24 hrs.

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ASTM D665 Rust Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water

This test measures the ability of oil to protect ferrous components in the presence of either distilled or brine water.  It is appropriate for steam turbine oils, hydraulic oils and circulating oils and may be used for oils that are heavier than water. Examples of the usefulness of this test include the evaluation of oils used in steam turbines, and lubricating oils used in desalination plants.  Due to leaks or condensation, steam turbine oils may become contaminated with water, potentially causing system components to rust.   Leaks in desalination systems may be even more serious because the oil may become contaminated with salt water. 
A cylindrical steel rod is immersed in a mixture of the oil and water and brought to the test temperature.  The mixture is stirred for the test time and the rod is visually examined for rust.  A pass/fail rating is reported.  When requesting this test, please specify distilled water (Procedure A) or synthetic sea water (Procedure B).  For oils heavier than water, please request Procedure C and specify distilled water or synthetic sea water. 


Need time: 4 hours or 24 hours

Price: $167.00

Sample size: 1 ltr

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