ASTM D56: Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup, -20°C to 110°C

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ASTM D56 Flash Point by Tag Closed Cup Tester

An important safety consideration in using or shipping an oil is its flash point – the lowest temperature at which its vapors, when exposed to an ignition source, will ignite and quickly self-extinguish.  This method determines flash points between 0 and 200 °F (-18 to 93°C).

A cooled sample is placed in the test cup, and the test cup is placed in the Tag Closed Cup Tester.  The temperature is slowly raised, and sample is exposed to a flame at regular intervals until the flash point is observed.  The temperature and barometric pressure are reported.  If you have an anticipated flash point for your material, please let us know the approximate temperature

Price: $84.00

Sample size: 200 ml

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