ASTM D130: Copper Strip Corrosion – Oil – need time & temperature

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ASTM D130 Detection of Copper Corrosion from Petroleum Products by the Copper Strip Tarnish Test

A variety of hydrocarbon products including oils, hydraulic fluids, fuel, solvents, etc., can be tested for corrosivity to copper by use of this test.  It is limited to products with Ried Vapor pressure no greater than 18 psi (124 kPa).  A polished copper strip is immersed in the fluid and heated for a specified time and temperature after which the corrosion is rated by visual comparison to the ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion Standards.  The most typical test run is for 24 hours @ 100°C.  However, time and temperature can vary according to product type and specification.  Results are reported as a number followed by a letter according to the following scheme:


1. Slight            
  a  Light orange, almost the same as a freshly polished strip
b  Dark orange
2. Moderate
  a  claret red
b  Lavender
c  Multi colored with lavender blue or silver, or both, overlaid on claret red
d  Silvery
e  Brassy or gold
3. Dark
  a  Magenta overcast on brassy strip
b  Multi colored with red and green showing (peacock), but no gray
4. Corrosion   a  Transparent black, dark gray or brown with peacock green barley showing
b  Graphite or lusterless black


Needs Time (hour(s)) and temperature

Price: $104.00

Sample size: 100 ml

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