API RP 5A3-H: Water Leaching, Annex H

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API RP 5A3-H –Recommended Practice on Thread Compounds for Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe – Water Leaching Test

Oil, gas and other liquids are transported long distances above ground, underground, and under or across waterways using pipelines with segments connected by threaded joints.  The thread compounds that seal these joints need to prevent water from seeping into the pipeline and prevent oil or gas from seeping out.  This test determines the mass of components that will leach out of a thread compound in the presence of slow moving water. 

The sample grease is placed in a perforated metal cone.  Water is then dripped over the cone at the rate and temperature specified in the method .  At the conclusion of the test time, the grease is dried and the mass loss is determined and reported as a percent water leaching.

Price: $220.00

Sample size: 100 g

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