API RP 5A3-E: Oil Separation Nickel Cone, Annex E

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API-RP 5A3-E Recommended Practice on Thread Compounds for Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe – Oil Separation Test

Thread compounds seal pipe joints in drill stems and underground pipelines.  If the oil and the thickener separate during storage it may compromise the compound’s effectiveness.  This test determines the volume fraction of oil that separates from the thickener in thread compounds during storage. 

The density of the thread compound is determined.  A nickel filter cone is filled with the sample, placed in a beaker and the assembly is heated to the test temperature for the test time.  The mass of oil that separates from the grease is determined.  The percent volume loss of oil from the thread compound is reported.

Note:  This test substitutes a nickel cone with 1.0 mm holes for the wire screen used in ASTM D6184 and FTM-321.



Price: $163.00

Sample size: 25 g

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