AAR M-914 ¶ 2.3.1: Apparent Viscosity ASTM D1092 @ -40°F

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AAR M-914 paragraph 2.3.1 – Apparent Viscosity at -40°F (American Association of Railroads Specification M-914 Brake Cylinder Lubricant Apparent Viscosity)

To safely slow down or stop a moving vehicle, brake cylinder components should move freely, rapidly and smoothly, regardless of the ambient temperature. In cold climates, this may require a brake cylinder grease that will flow properly at -40°F.   This test determines the apparent viscosity of lubricating grease at -40°F.

For the procedure, please refer to ASTM D1092.  Reported is the apparent viscosity at -40°F in poise at 20 sec-1 and 100 sec-1.

Price: $274.00

Sample size: 500 g

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